Concrete Raising and Leveling Using Polyurethane Injection Technology

We use polyurethane foam technology to raise and stabilize concrete

Almost any slab of concrete can be raised and stabilized. Almost any soil underneath areas of gravel, pavers, and blacktop can be stabilized.

*Some slabs and soils are too damaged to fix

How We

Easy as Drill, Pump, & Patch

Only 3 STEPS once we are there before stepping onto your newly improved cement! Jobs only take, on average 1-3hours!

STEP 1 ) Inject holes are strategically drilled (only 5/8” holes) through your concrete.

STEP 2) Once all the materials are in place then it’s time to inject polyurethane foam underneath it, to raise the concrete back to its original height.

STEP 3) Once the injection process is complete and everything is stabilized to the original height then we fill the holes with a concrete patch. Allowing for immediate use of your concrete.

Polyurethane foam is injected under the cement. When the components of the material are injected a reaction happens that causes the material to expand. The material is permanent, never loses density, and only weighs about 2lbs per square foot.

Void Fill Using FillFoamTM

FillFoamTM is a pre-expanded open-cell foam formulated with ideal characteristics for any void-filling applications.

Void Filling Process

STEP 1) Resin, hardener, and air travel separately to mixing equipment

STEP 2) Resin is blown through a cylinder to aerate into foam

STEP 3) Hardener is mixed with foam to begin curing Pumped out at full volume

Common Uses

Any Voids

Key Benefits to Fill Foam

No Heat
Fire Retardant
Variable Densities
Flows for Miles
Pump 12–60 cubic yards per hr

Faster Installation
Flows Further
Less transport expense no heavy equipment
Less labor to install
Will not crack – Not affected by water Multiple FillFoam™ formulas are available